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While many shoe brands may claim to have the most comfortable shoe around, the smart shopper will realize that the majority of these claims are made by designers who, while they may be experts in the field of fashion, know little about the science behind footcare and foot anatomy. ASGI stands apart from these designer brands due to the reassuring fact that its shoes were created in part by a U.S. Certified Pedorthist named David Levy who would not be able to live with a clear conscience if he knew he had made a shoe that wasn’t good for the foot. Levy and founder Pat Hogan worked together to re-invent the shoe from the inside out, creating an invention in comfort technology which would change the way we wear shoes forever. Their Soleplex technology has four levels of cushioning and support to it, all of which work together to offer long-wearing comfort, stability and support. After the inside was scientifically constructed, tested and perfected, Levy and Hogan stepped back and let their lead designer, Maggi Mercado, do what she did best—make shoes look stylish and attractive on the feet of any woman. Together, with their combination of creative ideas, innovative technology and hard work, ASGI shoes were born. Today you can enjoy the fruits of their labor and know the feeling of what it’s like to walk on air. If you value style and comfort as much as ASGI’s founders do, ASGI shoes are right for you.