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Decree is a popular brand carried exclusively by JCPenny department stores across the country. Characterized by footwear that is both fashionable and affordable, Decree has cornered the market on flats and wedges that are perfect for any occasion. Each pair of shoes has special touches such as cork heels, metallic buckles, delicate chains, rhinestones, and more that make them a unique addition to whatever look you have pulled together. Pair some chunky wedges with a flirty skirt for the perfect summertime look that will make everyone envious of your style. If you need an option that’s a little easier on your feet, check out some flats whose bold colors make them the perfect addition to anything from a sundress to a tank top and cut-off shorts.

Best of all, the prices are low enough that you’ll actually be able to afford to go somewhere fun with your new ensemble. With Decree shoes, anyone can invest in a new look without having buyer’s remorse afterwards. Furthermore, quality and comfort remain a priority, allowing you to have the best of both worlds. Decree shoes are the obvious smart choice for the young woman who wants her shoe collection to maintain both variety and quality in its contents.

No matter which shoe you choose, each and every style is versatile enough to ensure that you can wear them for multiple seasons, for any event you attend. With the amount of sophistication present in every pair, these are shoes that are not going out of style anytime soon. All of these elements combine to create a brand that is truly worth your time and money. Choose Kelly & Katie, and you will be the friend with the style that everyone wants to imitate.

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