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Classy. Timeless. Sophisticated. Elegant. These words come to mind when you first glance at a Merona shoe. For women who enjoy flaunting a bit of their intelligent side mixed with the flirty attraction of class and a hint of that sexy strut, Merona shoes are there to support you. Leave a bit of mystery surrounding you while you pull off a stylish, timeless look. Leave people waiting for the wild side to pop out and let the shoes express your interesting sides. Merona shoes come in ballet flats, wedges, sandals, beautiful pumps, boots and more. Now even though Merona shoes are cheap, don't think this lessens their value any more. That's right even Michelle Obama wears Merona. So stock up on those shoes and build a collection that requires a closet the size of a celebrities closet. Inside the office, or out to the club, the peep toe Yemina gold shoes and the Zinia black sandal are ready to get you some positive attention and a little extra spotlight. Of course most of these shoes are ready to impress, but you can also find some casual pairs, like crocs and clogs when your feeling like loafing around. Whatever you're craving though, it's possible to take a pair of Merona shoes and complete a sexy, sophisticated, timeless, and yes playful look all in one.

No matter which shoe you choose, each and every style is versatile enough to ensure that you can wear them for multiple seasons, for any event you attend. With the amount of sophistication present in every pair, these are shoes that are not going out of style anytime soon. All of these elements combine to create a brand that is truly worth your time and money. Choose Kelly & Katie, and you will be the friend with the style that everyone wants to imitate.

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